Worship on
Easter Sunday,
April 20

6:30 a.m. Hardy H. Kim preaching | Communion

8:00 a.m. Joyce Shin preaching | Communion

9:30 and 11:30 a.m. Joyce Shin preaching

4:00 p.m. Adam H. Fronczek preaching | Jazz Communion Service

A Centennial Glimpse of Fourth Church Easters

Easter 1963 at Fourth Presbyterian Church       
In 1963 Easter worshipers spill from the sidewalks outside Fourth Church out into Michigan Avenue. In the days ahead you will find this photo and more—including a photo of Easter in a Fourth Church tent!—posted online as we continue to celebrate the centennial of our Sanctuary.

Video Streaming the
    11:30 a.m. Easter Service

Were you unable to join us on Easter ? Do you want to share Easter at Fourth Church with loved ones who are out of town? Maybe you want to enjoy it again?
       The video of the 11:30 a.m. service is available at bit.ly/FPCEaster2014 (and is also available by clicking on the image to the left).

Shannon Kershner’s First Sunday in Our Pulpit: May 18!

Shannon Kershner Pastor-Elect Fourth Presbyterian Church       
Be sure to mark Sunday, May 18 on your calendar! It will be a truly historic day, as we not only celebrate the centennial of our Sanctuary, but also welcome our new Pastor, Shannon Kershner, to the Fourth Church pulpit.
        Come join us for what will be a festive day of looking back with gratitude, sharing the excitement of the present, and embracing, with great hope, the future!

The banner photograph depicts the Easter flowers in the Fourth Church chancel.

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Annual Appeal 2014
Annual Appeal 2014