The Career Transitions Center of Chicago

Fourth Church is a sponsoring organization of the Career Transitions Center
of Chicago, a nonprofit organization that helps qualified people strengthen the skills and improve the understanding required for a successful job search.
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Regular Programs at Career Transitions Center of Chicago (CTC)

The following job search and career programs are offered at CTC.
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CTC Information Sessions

Led by CTC Program Director Laura Sterkel and staff, these regularly scheduled sessions welcome and orient all interested in the programs and resources available through CTC. The 50-minute agenda underscores the value of coaching as a CTC distinction and a key to successful job search and career transition. A tour of our business center is included. All are welcome to this exploratory session.

Building Skills Workshops

Facilitated by CTC job and career coaches, these seminars offer up-to-date job search instruction for CTC clients are held in succession, repeated every four weeks. Topics include

Know Yourself and Where You’re Going
Present Your Best Self in Writing
Networking: An Essential Tool for Career and Life!
Awesome Interviewing and Winning Negotiating

Two additional seminars, Leveraging the Value of Coaching and Plan for Progress: Project Management Skills for the Job Search, are offered alternating months and serve to complement the skills and content of the Building Skills series.

Weekly Peer Groups and Networking Sessions

CTC Peer Groups are coach-facilitated weekly sessions for CTC clients to facilitate progress and effectiveness in their search with an emphasis on initiative and accountability. Clients share ideas and leads, celebrate successes, and help one another sustain confidence and positive momentum.

Client-Led Accountability Groups are another opportunity wherein fellow CTC clients support each other to create and sustain progress and energy in their job search or career transition.

St. Chrysostom’s Employment Council Monday Evening Speaker Series
Held at St. Chrys’, a CTC sponsor, on the North Side each Monday evening, the speakers present on a job-search related topic. Participants are encouraged to network following the presentation. Organized and facilitated by members of the well-established Employment Council of the St. Chrys’ congregation. CTC clients and the public are welcomed.

CTC Career Assessment Workshops
Each month CTC offers clients the opportunity to gain greater awareness through Strong Interest Inventory® and Myers-Briggs Type Indicator workshops providing time-tested and research-validated insights to facilitate the search for more engaging, fulfilling careers. The Strong assessment helps clients explore career possibilities and engagement. Myers-Briggs affords clients the opportunity to examine how their unique personality type serves them in making choices   regarding work and work environments, around style of communication, and relationships. The Everything DiSC® professional assessment helps improve your interaction and collaboration with others, better manage conflict, workplace “politics,” and be more authentic and more effective working with different styles and approaches among co-workers, teams, and managers. There are nominal charges for these workshops to cover the cost of the assessment and workshop materials.

CTC Coaching Circles
Facilitated by CTC coaches, these multi-week coaching opportunities allow participants to delve deeply into topic areas relevant to job and career direction, greater effectiveness, success and satisfaction. CTC charges $300 to the public; $200 discounted price to CTC clients and coaches. They will be posted on our website when offered.

CTC StrengthFinders Group is led by CTC Program Director Laura Sterkel and coach David Kaiser around the content in StrengthFinders 2.0 by Tom Rath and “Go, Put Your Strengths to Work” (authored by Marcus Buckingham, et al). This group coaching format assists CTC clients in clarifying their strengths and work success. The StrengthFinders experience is intended to serve both job search and ongoing career management. Additional one-on-one coaching sessions are    available to participants. Offered to CTC clients and the public.

Life Map: Charting Your Course to a Life of Greater Purpose and Meaning
Offered quarterly, this multi-week program (four weeks in succession and then an additional session one month following) is based upon the work of work-life coaching pioneer Richard Leider, led by CTC’s founder, Al Gustafson, and Laura Sterkel, Program Director. Approximately twelve participants are led through an in-depth examination over ten hours of group coaching with exercises and discussion. Participants develop goals and action-steps in the areas of work, relationships, personal growth, and finances that can be put to work immediately. Two one-on-one coaching sessions are offered to all participants as part of the program. Offered to CTC clients and the public.
Emotional Intelligence in a Multi-Cultural Work Environment
Made popular by the groundbreaking work of Daniel Goleman, and years of research by numerous well-regarded social scientists, Emotional Intelligence (EI) describes an ability to be aware of our own place in society (personally and professionally) so that we are able to engage a variety of people and situations for positive, productive outcomes. Emotional intelligence (EI) and emotional intelligence training are very hot topics in today’s workplace. It requires more than respect of various styles, it is recognizing the distinction of multi-cultural and inter-generational differences in today's work environment. Offered quarterly, this four-week course will help participants develop and further skills that tap into a whole new level of productive engagement. Join us for an exciting “new take” on EI through dynamic learning and engagement emphasizing practical application and continued development. CTC coach Howard Fox is experienced coaching professionals with a range of EI awareness and abilities. Offered to CTC clients and the public.

Strategies for Success through Onboarding is an interactive four-session group coaching experience. Never has getting started right in a job or promotion   been so important, especially given that forty percent of new hires fail within the first eighteen months. Companies are demanding new employees do more with less and make meaningful contributions within the critical first ninty days. Are you prepared to take charge of your success? CTC Onboarding is designed for professionals at every career stage who want to prepare for the challenge ahead. This series will equip you with a strategic, systematic approach to assimilate into company culture, identify and stay focused on key objectives, score early “wins,” establish key relationships, and more. Provides essential skills for every professional navigating critical career transition periods (new job, promotion, management, or organizational change). Offered to CTC clients and the public.

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