The Center for Life and Learning:
   Special-Topic Classes

Center for Life and Learning (CLL) special-topic classes bring in experts from the Chicago area to enrich our annual curriculum and provide a flexible avenue of participation. One need not be a CLL member to register. The special-topic classes cover a broad range of topics from politics to bridge to the humanities; come and check us out!

For information about our special-topic classes, contact Sue Hakes at 312.981.3389.

Beginning in May
   Symphonies and Songs of Gustav Mahler

Beginning in June
   Contemporary Art from India


Symphonies and Songs of Gustav Mahler

   Wednesdays, May 23–June 27
   10:30 a.m.–12:00 p.m.
   Led by John Nygro
   Register online here

With only limited time to devote to composing music, Gustav Mahler produced some of the most important works of the twentieth century symphonic repertory. Mahler combined the sounds of nature, marching bands, Christian hymns, and Jewish klezmer music to infuse his compositions with his distinctive personality and a universal spirit.

John Nygro is a lecturer, musician, and actor with a career spanning more than thirty years. As a lecturer, he has spoken on a number of subjects from classical theater and opera to medieval and Renaissance music to film and television.

$40 for CLL members
$55 for guest registrants

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Contemporary Art from India

   Mondays, June 4–25
   3:00–4:30 p.m.
   Led by Betty Seid
   Register online here

This course will be an overview of Modern and Contemporary Art in India. Beginning with its indigenous and British antecedents, we will traverse the 20th century—from the earliest awareness of Modernism to the current global presence of Contemporary art from India. This course will look at the first modern painters, abstraction, the emergence of women artists and new media and global art to name a few topics.

Betty Seid is an independent curator, writer, and lecturer living in Chicago and Santa Monica. From 1995 to 2005, she was Research Associate and Exhibition Coordinator for South Asian Art in the Department of Asian Art of The Art Institute of Chicago. During her ten-year tenure, she curated and oversaw the installation of several important South Asian exhibitions.  Her exhibition (and catalog) New Narratives: Contemporary Art from India was the first to show 21st-century Indian art in the United States.

$35 for CLL members
$50 for guest registrants

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