Looking to make deep relationships and grow in discipleship at Fourth Church with others in their twenties and thirties? Consider joining TwentiesThirties!

We are an open, welcoming, and growing community with weekly Sunday discussions, monthly social outings, and a variety of other service/social opportunities.

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Upcoming Events
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Upcoming Events

TwentiesThirties Brunch
Sunday, April 14
After 11:00 a.m. worship

Meet at the TwentiesThirties table in Coffee Hour to walk to a nearby restaurant together.

Spring Retreat: Friday, May 3—Sunday, May 5
Every now and then we get some glimpses that remind us that spring is on its way—and so is our annual spring retreat to Michigan!

This year a beautiful home on Lake Michigan will be our destination for the weekend of May 3. Our theme will be “Telling Our Story.”

Abbie Heimach-Snipes and Susan Haarman will help us learn practices for storytelling, and we will hear funny and meaningful stories that will help us grow together in faith and community. Come join us for a weekend away!

Space is limited, so reserve your spot now. The deadline to register is Sunday,
April 7.

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For more information about TwentiesThirties, contact Abbi Heimach-Snipes (312.640.5449).