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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Today’s Reading | Mark 1:35–39

In the morning, while it was still very dark, he got up and went out to a deserted place, and there he prayed. And Simon and his companions hunted for him. When they found him, they said to him, “Everyone is searching for you.” He answered, “Let us go on to the neighboring towns, so that I may proclaim the message there also; for that is what I came out to do.” And he went throughout Galilee, proclaiming the message in their synagogues and casting out demons. (NRSV)

I need solitude. Solitude helps me. I hibernate to recover. Go “off the grid” to recharge. Ah, a bit of peace to restore my soul. Then unexpected events big and small snap me out of my internal bubble, bidding me to respond. Like the passage says, “Go somewhere else.” Get to the work I was called to do. Preach and cast out demons. What, me?

I told my spouse it would be easier if I wasn’t a Christian. I wouldn’t have to respond. It is easier for me to stay in my cocoon. Sometimes loving is hard; caring is draining; action takes work. This is the essential meaning of life: To care, to love, to take action pulling us out of the comfort of self to respond to others.

God, lead my mind from internal thoughts to action. Through my daily encounters, reveal ways I can teach and cast out demons by caring, loving, and risking to act. Amen.

Written by Dala Aavik Lucas, Member of Fourth Presbyterian Church

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