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Lenten Devotions from Fourth Presbyterian Church

March 2, 2019              

Today’s Scripture Reading | 2 Corinthians 3:12—4:18

To be honest, I stalled out with this at first. And then every commentary I read had a completely different focus. But that is the nature of trying to know God. Any view we have is incomplete. We see God’s glory as though in a mirror, and looking at something in a mirror is worlds away from seeing it directly. And even directly we can only ever see a part.

Any view we have is going to be partial and uniquely our own, formed by our history, our relationships, our bodies. A fragment of a fragment. And a flawed one at that: we are fragile vessels, broken in many ways, tender and temporary.

But we do know a couple of things. For one, while we can only ever offer our own view, when that is put together with the views of others a fuller picture can become clear. In 1 Corinthians Paul writes how we are together “the body of Christ and individual members of it,” every piece essential. So there is to be no shame in our weakness, no hiding, no losing heart. All of us are needed, all of us in full, all our light shining together.

It is God who gives this to us. Who gives us our light, who gives us the desire to know God, who gives us each other that we may see different facets of God. And it is God who transforms us, in part through that desire and that process of looking for God. We are lifted up and transformed, weak and imperfect as we are, made into something new together.

Lord, may our fragile places be where our light shines most brightly, that together we may be shining fragments reflecting your light into the world. Amen.

Written by Anne Ellis, Program Manager for Congregational Life

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