Michigan Avenue Forums

Michigan Avenue Forums at Fourth Presbyterian Church promote civic formation within the Chicagoland community by presenting a series of events that feature important thinkers and public leaders in live lecture or debate format, discussing current issues of civic and ethical priority.

Hosted by our adult education Academy for Faith and Life program, Michigan Avenue Forums have featured Elaine Pagels on her book Revelations; Walter Brueggemann on ministry in the twenty-first century; a panel discussion, cohosted with WBEZ, on NATO in the twenty-first century; Nadia Bolz-Weber on her books Pastrix (in 2013) and Accidental Saints (in 2015); and a mass incarceration series that included an evening of conversation with Iva Carruthers and WBEZ’'s Natalie Moore as well as a panel discussion with John Chisholm, Barbara Wilson, Christophe Ringer, and Reggie Williams that was moderated by Jeanne Bishop (in 2016).

As future forums are scheduled, they will be listed here. Please check back periodically—and plan to join us for these thought-provoking conversations.

Beachcombing after the Wave:
The Impact of the 2018 Election

with Robert Boatright,
National Director of Research for the Institute on Civil Discourse

Thursday, November 29, 2018
7:30 p.m. in Anderson Hall

In light of the recent election, how might we call for civility while at the same time making space for strong disagreement?

In what ways can we rebuild Americans’ faith in “mediating institutions” such as parties, the media, interest groups, and the like?

On Thursday, November 28 join Dr. Boatright in exploring these questions and more.

Robert Boatright is Chair of Political Science at Clark University, National Director of Research for the Institute on Civil Discourse, and co-editor of A Crisis of Civility? Political Discourse and Its Discontents.


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