“Big Questions” Sermon Series

"Big Questions" Sermon Series at Fourth Presbyterian Church

In early 2019 we asked members and friends to send us questions, topics, and Bible stories they had always hoped would be addressed from the pulpit.

We have compiled those thought-provoking questions and topics, identified some recurring themes, and will be exploring those topics this May and June at each of the day’s four services.

Come explore big questions with us!

Sunday, May 5
Why care about creation?
Isn’t God in control?

“Why Care for Creation?” by Rocky Supinger
“To Worry or Not to Worry” by Victoria G. Curtiss
“Care of Creation” by Nanette Sawyer

Sunday, May 12
Are we saved?
“Are We Saved?” by Rocky Supinger
“Are We Saved?” by Shannon J. Kershner
“Are We Saved?” by Joseph L. Morrow

Sunday, May 19
How can we be church with differing political views?
“Being Church” by Victoria G. Curtiss
“One Body? The Question of Political Diversity in Church” by Shannon J. Kershner
“Mutuality, Respect, Vulnerability” by Nanette Sawyer

Sunday, May 26
On May 26 we will take a break from the series as we welcome Archbishop Elias Chacour as our guest preacher at 9:30 and 11:00 a.m.

Sunday, June 2
Will we recognize each other in heaven?

Pentecost | Sunday, June 9
What’s the deal with the Holy Spirit?

Trinity Sunday | Sunday, June 16
What does a Christian have to believe?

Sunday, June 23
What do Presbyterians believe about homosexuality?

Sunday, June 30
If God is all loving, why does evil exist?


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