The Inquirers’ Class, sponsored by the Discover Fourth Committee, is offered several times a year as an opportunity to explore life at Fourth Church and the history and beliefs of the Presbyterian Church (USA). The class is a prerequisite for membership, but all are welcome whether or not they are presently considering membership.

We are now offering two different options to fulfill the Inquirers Class requirement for membership:

Option A
One three-hour session, with two breaks, covering Reformed theology, polity, and Fourth Church history and congregational life. Time will be given for personal introductions and small group interaction.

Option B
Two ninety-minute sessions held in the same week. Completion of both sessions is required for membership, however, they do not need to be completely consecutively.

    Session 1
    Faith backgrounds and introductions, Reformed theology and polity

    Session 2
    Fourth Church history, mission, and congregational life (discipleship
    and stewardship in diaspora)

Meeting with Session

On the Sunday following each Inquirersclass, a forty-five minute meeting is held, during which new members will be introduced to Session. Session will then vote on welcoming in new members.

Inquirers’ Class and New Members Calendar 2020

December 2020 | Advent Break


Check back soon for 2021 class dates, or contact Joe Morrow for more information.


Dates and times are also posted on the “New Members | Inquirers” calendar.

For more information about membership, contact Joe Morrow, Minister for Evangelism, at 312.981.3399.