Music and Arts Mission Statement

The arts and religious faith have been related in creative synergy since the beginning of time and contain within them the power and capacity to lift the human spirit, reminding us of the eternal and transcendent God. Religious faith, in turn, inspires the composer, instrumentalist, singer, actor, and visual artist to express in their work what cannot be articulated in any other way. At Fourth Presbyterian Church, the relationship between religious faith and the arts is expressed in a highly professional program of artistic expression that emphasizes excellence in performance as a part of regular public worship as well as concerts, dramatic presentations, and sacred art exhibitions.

The Fine Arts Council

Established early in 2004, the role of the Fine Arts Council is to support and assist staff liaisons in the development, planning, and presenting of concerts, sacred art exhibitions, and other art-related initiatives.

For more information about the Fine Arts Council, contact Nanette Sawyer.