The Board of Deacons is often called “the heart of the church.” Deacons are responsible for the care of the congregation and outreach ministries. Each Sunday they staff the volunteer table during Coffee Hour and provide intercessory prayer in Stone Chapel after 9:30 and 11:00 worship, and throughout the week they are engaged in ministries of calling and offering care to members. The board also regularly provides volunteers to assist in a variety of ways at the Sunday Night Supper.

Current Deacons
Matt Bardwell, Harlean Barth, Taposhi Bentley, Caryn Borg-Breen, Kathryn Burkhardt, Kay Brungs Laud, Steve Bus, Cynthia Casteel, Laureen Cleary, John Deverman, Kim Douglass, Rhonda Faulkner, Rachel Fisher, Cathy Flaa, Austin Garfield, Caryn Hank, Shelly Hennig-Keller, Anthony Hipp, Jean Joslyn, Lindsey Kozlowski, Liz Kurman, Bruce Leech, Rachel Letcher, Sally Lewis, Brian Lukens, Luke Meyer (youth), Colleen Mraz, Jane Nerison, Christie Ochoa, Eric Olson, Samme Orwig, Michael Pankratz, Emma Richardson, Marcela Ruiz, Stefanie Schumann, Sally Scott, Betsy Storm, Lisa Stracks, Ashley Swidnicki, Elaine Tierney, Katie Truesdell, Leslie Whittet, David Wilson, Nora Wiltse, Sherry Woodry, Christian Yonan (youth), Deborah Zak