Moms’ Groups

Motherhood is both rewarding and challenging, a role that may leave some wanting time to connect with friends. If you are expecting or have children up to twelve years of age, you are invited to join a Fourth Church Moms’ Group, a place where you can come to make new friends and explore how faith can be a strong resource throughout parenthood. Groups typically meet for eight to twelve weeks and are organized by neighborhood and children’s ages.

Moms' Group
Ongoing Moms’ Groups Opportunities

Expecting mothers and those with children ages 0–12 are invited to join a neighborhood Moms’ Group. Babysitters are provided—so moms are free to participate in discussions—or babies can stay with their moms.

Groups participate in occasional social outings and service projects, and they host the biannual Great Expectations Baby Shower for expectant moms at Fourth Church and those who recently welcomed a new child into their household.

“When I was a mom of preschoolers (ages 4 and 2), I found myself struggling
to keep hold of myself and be the best mom and wife to my family.
I realized in order to be continually rejuvenated I needed a firmer
grasp on my relationship with God. The Fourth Moms’ Group was a
perfect resource as I began to seek out just what that meant to me.
The materials used and the weekly discussions led me to a wealth
of knowledge, understanding and insights that helped me grow
spiritually and in turn allowed me to feed my family spiritually as well.”

— Ellen Ericson, member

Current Groups

Wednesday Evening Moms’ Group
Meets the second Wednesday of every month
   from 7:30 to 9:00 p.m.

To RSVP for a Moms’ Group, email Briana Belding-Peck.