Fellowship | Community

Fourth Presbyterian Church offers a wide variety of opportunities
for members and friends to participate in fellowship and grow in community.

Calendar of Fellowship and Community Events

View upcoming fellowship and community events and opportunities here.

Center for Life and Learning

Men and women 60 years and more may enroll in this senior learning community founded on a commitment to intellectual and creative challenges for its patrons.

Congregational Life

Congregational Life is responsible for a critical need at Fourth Church: creating a web to hold together a large and diverse congregation.

Interfaith Relations

Fourth Church has a long history of vibrant and mutually beneficial relationships with neighboring communities from the Jewish, Muslim, and other faith traditions.

Joining Fourth Church

Inquirers' classes offer opportunity for those considering membership to learn more about Fourth Presbyterian Church.

Racial Equity

The congregation of Fourth Presbyterian Church is committed to breaking down barriers and becoming a more racially inclusive community.

Replogle Center

The Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being is Fourth Church’s response to the mental health needs of its congregation and community.


Fourth Church offers opportunity to participate in contemplative retreats, joining fellow members and friends in spiritual practices that open the heart and the mind to God’s love.


Youth Ministry at Fourth Church includes youth groups for youth in sixth through twelfth grades, meeting each Sunday morning for fellowship.

For more information about fellowship and community opportunities at Fourth Presbyterian Church, contact Nanette Sawyer, Minister for Congregational Life (312.274.3835).