Racial Equity at Fourth Church

Racial Equity Council at Fourth Presbyterian Church

Fourth Presbyterian Church is committed to breaking down barriers and becoming a more racially inclusive community. Our Racial Equity Council serves as a catalyst in this intentional pursuit of racial equity. As part of their work, the council facilitates training opportunities and plans insight trips.

We invite you to subscribe to our Racial Equity Council newsletter to receive periodic email updates from the council as we all work together to become a more multiculturally inclusive, antiracist church! You can also read our inaugural newsletter.

Racial Equity Council at Fourth Presbyterian Church

The Racial Equity Council: Dionne Braddix; Esmeraldino Celestino; Linda Crane, Co-Chair; Robert Crouch, Co-Chair; Nedra Sims Fears; Deb Ford; Lisa Garay; Sandra Glenn; Michelle Hayes; Cynthia Johnson; Enjolique McCullough Reed; Maggie McGuire; Steve Stanley; Sarah van der Ploeg; and Samantha Woo, with clergy staff Vicky Curtiss and Nanette Sawyer; Abbi Heimach-Snipes as resource staff

Insight Trip on the Civil Rights Movement 2019

October 26–November 2, 2019
Read about the trip in this report written by participants

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“The Ascension” by Gerald Griffin

A church’s artwork reflects who we value and honor, what history we want to lift up, and what vision and identity we are claiming for who God calls us to be.

For the thousands of congregants, guests, and visitors who enter our space on
North Michigan Avenue, it is important for Fourth Church to give clear public witness that people of all races are made in the image of God and celebrated in
God’s multicultural, multiracial Beloved Community.

The Fourth Church Racial Equity Council commissioned the painting “The Ascension” by Gerald Griffin to proclaim our vision to be a church family in whom persons of color are valued and fully engaged, whose gifts and leadership strongly shape our ministry.

That painting hangs in the Gignilliat Commons and was dedicated on September 22, 2019.

Learn more about the painting “The Ascension”, its inspiration, and its creation, here.

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For More about the Racial Equity Council

Contact Nanette Sawyer, Vicky Curtiss, or Robert Crouch

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