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Saturday, August 23, 2014

My song forever shall record
the tender mercies of the Lord;
your faithful love will I proclaim,
and every age shall know your name.

I sing of mercies that endure,
forever firm, forever sure,
a strong support that never dies,
established changeless in the skies.

“My Song Forever Shall Record” (Psalm 89),
from The New Metrical Version of the Psalms
from Glory to God: The Presbyterian Hymnal

This past weekend was my ten-year high school reunion. I was too far away to go but hadn’t really been interested anyway. So much has happened in the past ten years of my life that high school felt like ancient history. However, last night I stumbled across a scrapbook my best friend, Anna, made for me for my eighteenth birthday and high school graduation. I flipped through it and took in the photos, drawings, playbills, poems, and notes that represented our friendship and our time in high school together. What had seemed like ancient history just a few days ago suddenly flooded back into Technicolor memory. I smiled as a glanced through the pages, and long forgotten stories played out in my mind’s eye. And then I sent a snapshot of one page to Anna—whom I haven’t talked to recently—and gave a silent prayer of thanks both for the memories and for her foresight in preserving them.

Christian faith is a collective venture. Each of us gets to glimpse God’s grace and mercy and love, but no single person gets the whole picture. And sometimes in our lives, these wondrous truths of God feel far away—like ancient history or faded memories. But our collective memory, embodied in our words and songs and traditions of faith, helps our knowledge of God and God’s love remain vivid and alive. When we sing and talk and write about God, we not only remind ourselves of who God is but we also share that memory with others and with future generations. So sing out and remember: God is good; God’s steadfast love endures forever.

Gracious God, we know well your love and grace. We thank you for the gifts of word and song that help us to remember together all the good things we know about you. Please fill our hearts with songs of your grace, this day and every day. Amen.

Written by Layton Williams, Pastoral Resident

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