Strategic Directions

In October 2019, the Session of Fourth Church approved the following five strategic directions to guide our life together over the next three to five years.

Embrace Racial Equity
Fourth Church will purposely include all people, striving for radical hospitality and modeling an antiracist approach in all areas.

Partner in Mission and Social Justice
Fourth Church will explore new strategic partnerships in our city as we focus our mission and social justice work in solidarity with communities most marginalized and under-resourced.

Engage Young Adults
Fourth Church will hold and sustain the promise of a new generation of disciples as we engage in robust and intentional connections with young adults.

Leverage Technology
Fourth Church will use public facing technology to engage with the congregation and community and proclaim the gospel of Christ.

Live in a Spirit of Abundance
Fourth Church will move from acting out of a sense of scarcity to thinking big about ministry, trusting in God’s abundance as we provide for our mission and ministry.

These five directions are intentionally broad guidelines (rather than directives) so as to encourage leaders and the congregation to use creative energy in determining how we might live into these commitments. They do not replace the vital expressions of ministry and mission in which we are currently engaged but rather lift up places where we want to focus additional energy.


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