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Lenten Devotions from Fourth Presbyterian Church

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Today’s Scripture Reading | John 1:6–9

There was a man sent from God, whose name was John. He came as a witness to testify to the light, so that all might believe through him. He himself was not the light, but he came to testify to the light. The true light, which enlightens everyone, was coming into the world. (NRSV)

In the chancel of the Fourth Presbyterian Church sanctuary there is a beautiful stained-glass window above the organ console, the Great West Window. At the bottom of the center panel is a depiction of John the Baptist pointing upward toward Christ. That particular panel has special significance for me each time I sit directly below it to play the organ. It is a reminder to me that my role as a musician is to lead other people in glorifying and worshiping God. Like John the Baptist, I too am pointing toward Christ.

Being a musician has been the primary way I have lived my call as a Christian, but over time I have extended that calling into all facets of my life, not just when I am making music in the Sanctuary but when I am taking care of my family, talking with strangers, or reading newspaper accounts of people far away. We are each called to point to Christ with all our being, with all our life energy, in every moment. At times it may seem easy, but at others it can be very challenging. It takes a great deal of effort to truly point to Christ, yet the rewards of living out this calling become more apparent with every passing day.

O Christ, help me focus on you, believe in you, and point to you with my words, my actions, and my life, so that others may know your love, your joy, and your peace. Amen.

Written by John W. W. Sherer, Organist and Director of Music

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