Legacy Society Members

Anonymous (34)
Gordon and Paula Addington
Rev Carol J. Allen
Donald and Carol Allerton
Geoffrey A. Anderson
Joy and Dave Anderson
Margo Faletti Anderson
Edith G. Andrew
Penny Applegate and Jay Owens
Jean and Mike Ban
Shirley R. Baron
Robert and Kathryn Bates
Charlotte and Alan Bath
Gary and Ruthi Beckman
Carol and William Bedford
Carole Bekken
David L. Berning
Katy Frey Bever
Ed and LaDonna Black
Pam Block
Gerry Bloomer and Linda Crane
Cassandra L. Book
Ron Bottrell and Polly Peters Bottrell
Dianne E. Bowman
Kathye Boyle
Judith+ and Larry Braskamp
Donna and Andrew Brickman
John H. Brill
Vern Broders and Francia Harrington
Martha Brown
John and Sue Buchanan
Kathryn Burkhardt
Sally A. Christiansen
Laureen Cleary
Barbara Cleveland
Hope Daniels
Robert+ and Marletta Darnall
Julie and Roger Davis
Solon Edward Davis III+
Robert and Marilyn Day
Rebecca Dixon
Robert Doak and Suzi Holding
Jeffrey Doane and Gretchen Van Natta
M. Lynne Driver
Craig Endicott
Marilyn D. Ezri, MD
Arlene K. Faulk
Joe and Jan Feldman
Greta Wiley Flory+
Colm Foley and Amy Pagliarella
Jim and Deb Ford
Jeannine Forrest and Laura Lee Larson 
Eloise C. Foster
Tony and Karin Gambell
Lisa Garay and Dan Miers
Irene Gerrans+ 
Marion Gerrans 
Paul and Ellen Gignilliat 
Dan Gilmour 
Janice M. Grant
Nancy Stevenson Greenberg
Margaret Griffiths 
James Grimes 
Terry V. Gubbins
Beth Truett Haagen
Patsy Habicht
Joan M. Hall
Eileen Harakal
Stephen Crane Hauser 
Thomas Hawkins 
Risé and Ken Hazlett 
Elinor Hite 
Robert and Sandra+ Holben
Douglas Holler+
Marilee Hopkins
Chris Horsman and Marc Miller 
James and Mary Houston
Louise D. Howe
Jane and Don Hunt 
Elizabeth and Mark Hurley
Michael Hurtubise and Ann Murray 
Dorothy Jackson
Barbara Joabson
Stephen Johnson 
Barbara Jones
Peyton and Kathryn Keller
Ann Kingstrom+ 
Tracy Koogler+ 
James Lacy
Karen Lamb
Ms. Patricia Langton
Jerry Latherow 
Nicole J. Lehman 
Rachel I. Letcher
Sally E. Lewis
Paulette Lloyd
Valerie Lober
Susana B. G. Lopatka
Cheri Lundin
Kelley Lynch
Beth Stoneburg Malmquist 
Stephanie Marshall 
Joseph Mathewson and Jennifer Whelpton 
Karen and Larry McCracken 
Marcella McGuinn
Dave Miller 
Ed Miller and Dale Singleton
Andrew Morrison and Deborah Kinzer
Doris Nay
Barlow and Jonnie Nelson
Mark and Ruth Gallagher Nelson
Ruth Nelson
Larry Nicholson
Nancy Niemi+ 
Meg O’Hara
Philip and Kaaren Ott 
Claire Pearse
Thomas Porter 
William V. Porter+ 
Janet S. Reed
Dr. Edward O. Riley 
Leon J. Rinkenberger
Gary Rayl and Sylvia Robertson
Thomas C. Rook
Edward A. Schimmelpfennig 
Rosemary J. Schnell+
Fred Schwartz and Mary McFarlane 
Suzie Shade 
Marty Sherrod and Becky Jeffers Sherrod 
Margaret Shreve
Joe and Debbie Sifferlen
Mary Soleiman  
Pamela Spann 
Vernon R. Spears+ 
James R. Spiegel
Anne Stelle
Lee and Karen Strohl
Ella and Richard+ Strubel 
Mary Ann Taft
Larry and Alison Thomas 
Richardson Thomas
Jennifer Kamp Tretheway 
R. Paul Urbanick
Susan VandenBosch
Jill D. VanderVeen  
Anne B. Voshel 
Bruce and Betsy+ Wagner 
Beverly Washington 
JoAnn Washington+
David Watkins
Ann Dow Weinberg+
Gabriele Weissenberger
Alexander Weissent
Eric and Sandy Wiedegreen
Roger D. Wilson 
Claudia Winkler
Michael and Susan Wolz 
Toni Yang
Allison Smith Youngblood 
Sarah Younger
Betsy and Jeff Zeiger
Mary L. Zeltmann
Christine M. Zrinsky
Karen Zupko 


For information about how you might join these Legacy Society Members in making a commitment to Fourth Church’s future mission and ministry, contact Katy Frey Bever (312.981.3380).


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