Planned Giving at Fourth Church

Investing in Our Legacy at Fourth Presbyterian Church

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Giving for the Future
What Is a Planned Gift?
Why Consider a Planned Gift?
Sample Bequest Language for a Will
What Is the Legacy Society?
How Do I Take the Next Step?


Giving for the Future
Making a planned gift is not just for those who have wealth or special financial expertise but for anyone with a generous spirit who wants to designate their gifts while they are living. As members and friends of Fourth Presbyterian Church, we share a deep sense of gratitude for those who have gone before us. They gave gifts to fund the current needs and for the long-term benefit of those who would follow them in ministry.

What Is a Planned Gift?
Thoughtfully planned, any of the following giving options may provide important personal benefits while supporting Fourth Church ministries into the future.

  • Bequest through your will or trust
  • Retirement assets (i.e., pension plans, IRAs)          
  • Life income gift through a trust      
  • Privately held securities        
  • Charitable gift annuities       
  • Real estate     
  • Donor Advised Fund
  • Naming the church as a beneficiary of a life insurance policy

Why Consider a Planned Gift?
Your legacy gift ensures the continued vitality of Fourth Presbyterian Church from one generation to the next. While a planned gift brings a sense of fulfillment to our own lives, it may also provide financial benefits to the donor, including tax savings, reduced capital gains and estate taxes, and release from financial management.

Are there Samples of Bequest Language for My Will?
The following language may be appropriate for a bequest of a specific dollar amount, a percentage of your estate, or a description of the property you wish to give.

I give the sum of $________ to the Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago, located at 126 E. Chestnut Street, Chicago, Illinois, 60611.2014 to be for its general purposes (or for the specific purpose of ______).

Fourth Presbyterian Church’s Federal Tax ID number is 36-2167080

NOTE: Every will, living trust, or other charitable planned gift is unique and should be structured to fit the needs and estate plan of each individual according to state laws. As with any decision regarding legal and financial matters, you should consult your own independent professionals such as an attorney, accountant, trust officer, life insurance professional, or investment advisor.

How do I take the next step?
To get started on your will or estate plan, contact your attorney, accountant, trust officer, life insurance professional, or investment advisor.

Call or email Katy Frey Bever (312.981.3380) in the Resource Development Office

  • with any questions you may have
  • to let him know that you have remembered Fourth Presbyterian Church in your estate plans