Gifting Stock

Thank you for your intent to make a gift of stock to Fourth Presbyterian Church or Chicago Lights!

If you plan to make a gift of stock, please first send us a letter advising us of your intent. A sample form letter is available here.

Letters should be sent to—
Ron Porras
Fourth Presbyterian Church
126 E. Chestnut St.
Chicago, IL 60611

PNC Bank, N.A. processes stock contributions as our broker. 

Please use the Annual Fund account number for all general and designated annual operating gifts for Fourth Church or Chicago Lights.

Details are as follows:

Asset Transfer
4100 West 150th Street
Mail Stop B7-YB17-03-3
Cleveland, OH 44135
DTC # 2616

Account Title: Fourth Presbyterian Church of Chicago
Account # 21-75-078-6916304

Attn: Aaron C. Aune, CTFA
Phone: 216.222.1033
Fax: 866.301.8460

If your stock is held by your broker, it may simply be transferred by your broker to PNC Bank electronically. In order for us to be able to identify you as the donor, you must instruct your broker to specify your name in the transfer. 

For actual stock certificates in your name(s), you may request a stock power from PNC Bank.  Send the stock certificates, unsigned, and the stock power forms in separate envelopes to PNC Bank at the above address via certified mail or overnight delivery.

Fourth Presbyterian Church’s FEIN number is 36-2167080.

For additional information, please contact
Ron PorrasDonor Information and Gifts Processing Coordinator (312.252.3598).


126 E. Chestnut Street
(at Michigan Avenue)
Chicago, Illinois 60611.2014
(Across from the Hancock)

For events in the Sanctuary,
enter from Michigan Avenue

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