Worship on
Sunday, January 19

8:00 a.m. Communion | Victoria G. Curtiss preaching

9:30 a.m. Shannon J. Kershner preaching

11:00 a.m. New Members | Shannon J. Kershner preaching

4:00 p.m. Jazz | Communion | Joseph L. Morrow preaching

Join Us for Mission and Insight Trips in 2020

Mission Trips with Fourth Presbyterian Church        
Wednesday, January 15 is the application deadline for our July trip to Guatemala, one of the 2020 trips planned by our World Mission and Social Justice Committee!

Travel to Guatemala—and work with Common Hope alongside members of the local community—from July 5 to July 12 with Tom and Sue Schemper.

Visit Colombia—an opportunity to inform our own peacemaking efforts by learning from community leaders in Colombia—from August 1 to August 8. The application for this trip is due Friday, May 1.

Livestream of Worship at Fourth Presbyterian Church       
Eack week the 11:00 a.m. service of worship is livestreamed here. It is also available for viewing later in the week. You can invite friends and family to view by sharing the link www.bit.ly/FPCworship.

Sign Up This January for 2020 Summer Youth Trips!

Youth at Fourth Presbyterian Church

The website banner photo: An aerial view of the Fourth Church courtyard and Children’s Fountain in the snow.

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