The Session, which is the governing body of the church, is made up of thirty-seven Elders (the translation of the Greek word presbyteros). The Session is responsible for the whole life and ministry of Fourth Presbyterian Church. The Session’s goals are currently focused on shaping faith, building community, serving others, and stewarding resources.

Particular responsibilities include receiving new members; leading the congregation in mission; providing for worship and the administration of the sacraments (baptism and communion); offering educational programs, pastoral care, and fellowship opportunities; and challenging the congregation in its stewardship of time, talent, and financial resources. Several committees oversee these responsibilities and report to the Session.

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Current Elders

Doug Andrews
Rick Artwick
Alan Bath
Susan Boggie
Kristina Bonesteel
Anna Calkins (youth)
Rhonda Carlson
Cynthia Casteel
John Clum
Robert Day
Marilyn Ezri
Laura Fairman
Jeannine Forrest
Heather Gallenbeck
Jenny Giblin
Armon Haagen
Ruben Harris
Cynthia Johnson
Jerry Johnson
Jean Joslyn
Rachel Letcher
John Marr
Marc Miller
Sophie Nunziati (youth)
Sarah Forbes Orwig
Melanie Oh Pierce
Arlene Raine
Brian Satre
Kent Stevens
Lisa Stracks
Devlin Su
Katie Truesdell
Jessica Wang
Cornell Wilson III
Eric Wu


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