At the 151st Annual Meeting of the Congregation, which was held on Sunday, February 14, 2021, the following individuals were elected to serve as officers of this congregation.

Session: Class of 2021–2024
Kristina Bonesteel
Marilyn Ezri
Jeannine Forrest
Jenny Giblin
Jacob Grissom (Youth, one-year term)
Marsha Heizer
Anthony Hipp
Jerry Johnson
Jane Nerison
Kent Stevens
Anneke Stracks (Youth, one-year term)
Devlin Su
Katie Truesdell
Cornell Wilson III

Deacons: Class of 2021–2024
Margaret (Margo) Anderson
Samantha Borow
Charlie Calkins (Youth, one-year term)
Carol Carpenter
Esmeraldino Celestino
Robin Erickson
Greg Geuther
Dawn Kulich
Nicholette Andrews Maggio
Suzi Mills
Justin Myers
Kaylyn Patterson
Sam Psimoulis
Natalie Ruhana (Youth, one-year term)
Karen Sabine
Robert Sinclair
Justin Smith
Carrie Watt Stern

Trustees: Class of 2021–2024
John Borovicka IV
Tiffany Cunningham
Kerry Grady
Chris Horsman
Diane Meister
Don Nelson
Gretchen Van Natta

2021–2022 Nominating Committee At-Large Members
Caryn Borg-Breen
Benia Davis
Lucy Forster-Smith (staff)
Ken Gaines
Jared Light
Kelley Lynch
Maggie McGuire
Holly O’Mara
Brad Pierce
Beth Truett
Gretchen Wahl
Betsy Zeiger

The belief that the people of God are called to be leaders is at the heart of the Presbyterian way. This commitment manifests itself in a style of “representative democracy” that is unique in the worldwide church. This representative democracy is embodied in the boards of the church: the Session, the Board of Trustees, and the Board of Deacons. The officers who serve on these boards have been identified for their gifts of leadership and a commitment to the life and ministry of this congregation and are elected to three-year terms by the congregation. These elections are held each February. Officers are then ordained and installed in May, when they begin their term of service.

Fourth Church is a member of the Presbytery of Chicago and the Synod of Lincoln Trails, governing bodies of the Presbyterian Church (USA). As a congregation of the Presbyterian Church (USA), Fourth Church is organized according to the denomination’s Book of Order. Men and women are nominated and elected by the congregation to serve three year terms as ordained elders and deacons, and as trustees.