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Fourth Presbyterian Church
126 E. Chestnut Street
Chicago, IL 60611.2014

Receptionist: 312.787.4570

If there is an emergency need of a pastor during the night that cannot wait until 8:00 a.m. the next morning, please call 773.913.1659.

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Tom Are Jr.
Interim Pastor
Email | 312.573.3363

Briana Belding-Peck
Family Ministry Coordinator
Email | 312.274.3804

Nancy Benson-Nicol
Associate Pastor for Caring Ministries and Spiritual Formation
Email | 312.573.3360

Katy Frey Bever
Senior Director of Development
Email | 312.981.3380

Jana Blazek
Adult Education

Caryn Blomquist
Associate Director of Fundraising Events
Email | 312.981.3564

Joi Brooks
Foundation Relations Officer
Email | 312.981.3563

Katrina Buchanan
Editorial Associate, Communications
Email | 312.640.5375

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Wydetta Carter
Email | 312.787.4570

Coya Castro
Director of Human Resources
Email | 312.640.2533

Alex Cornwell
Executive Programs Director, Chicago Lights
Email | 312.981.3565

Deidra Cox
Manager of Human Resources
Email | 312.640.2535

Emma Cox
Music Department Manager
Email | 312.981.3595

Sharon Crawford-Tucker
Office Coordinator, Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being
Email | 312.981.3394

Robert Crouch
Director of Volunteer Ministry
Email | 312.981.3382

Simon Crow
Program Manager, Discipleship and Small Group Ministry
Email | 312.573.3369

Darlene Cunneen
Office Associate, Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being
Email | 312.787.2339

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Dave Dalton
Program Manager, Center for Life and Learning
Email | 312.981.3391

Linda Daly
Program Assistant, Center for Life and Learning
Email | 312.981.3389

Patrick Daniels
Community Engagement Manager

Nancy Davis
Coordinator for Mission and Evangelism
Email | 312.274.3815

Mark Dennison
Program Coordinator, Tutoring and Summer Day
Email | 312.274.3828

Andrea Denney
Executive Director of Operational Ministries
Email | 312.981.3383

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Shawn Fiedler
Major Gift Officer
Email | 872.250.9266

Gloria Fleming
Administrative Assistant for Leadership

Roberto Flores
Video-Audio Production Manager

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Megan Gary
Program Coordinator, Chicago Lights

Liz Gump
Associate Director of Development for Individual Giving
Email | 312.640.2578

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Kathy Hager
Director, Day School
Email | 312.640.2579

LaShanna Hawthorn
Senior Accountant

Matt Helms
Associate Pastor for Children, Family, and Welcoming Ministries
Email | 312.573.3362

Fred Hickler
Technology Manager
| 312.252.3595

Armedia Houston
Director, Chicago Lights Tutoring and Summer Day
Email | 312.981.3560

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Stacy Jackson
Executive Director, Chicago Lights
Email | 312.981.3562

Jonita Johnson
Youth Programs Coordinator, Tutoring and Summer Day
Email | 312.274.3800

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Kathy Kidder
Wedding Coordinator and Events Manager
Email | 312.981.4026

Howard Cha-Young Kim
Young Adult Ministry Manager
Email | 312.252.3581

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Allison MacDonna
Executive Assistant
Email | 312.573.3363

Micah Marty
Visual Media Coordinator
Email | 312.640.5370

Annette Mileski
Director, Center for Life and Learning
Email | 312.981.3386

Andrea Miller
Senior Associate Director of Development, Fourth Presbyterian Church
Email | 312.640.2576

Joseph L. Morrow
Associate Pastor for Evangelism and Community Engagement
Email | 312.981.3399

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Amy Pagliarella
Parish Associate for Caring Ministries
Email | 312.252.3587

Katie Patterson
Manager for Worship and Youth Ministry
Email | 312.981.4035

Ron Porras
Donor Coordinator
Email | 312.252.3598

Leszek Pytka
Plant Manager
Email | 312.640.2523

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Michael Rees
Organ Scholar

Ann Rehfeldt
Director of Communications
Email | 312.640.5373

RaShonn Roberts
Associate Director, EDSSC

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Nanette Sawyer
Minister for Congregational Life
Email | 312.274.3835

Thomas Schemper
Director, Replogle Center for Counseling and Well-Being
Email | 312.787.2729, ext. 2240

John W. W. Sherer
Organist and Director of Music
Email | 312.981.3592

Katy Sinclair
Associate Director of Music for Children and Youth
Email | 312.274.3807

Rocky Supinger
Associate Pastor for Youth Ministry and Worship
Email | 312.981.4037

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Theresa Thornburg
Director, Chicago Lights Social Service Center
Email | 312.274.3826

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Mike Usiak
Meals Ministry Coordinator
Email | 312.981.3599

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Latasha Ward
Operations Coordinator
Email | 312.640.2572

Bonita Wright
Email | 312.787.4570

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If there is an emergency need of a pastor during the night that cannot wait until 8:00 a.m. the next morning, please call 773.913.1659.


126 E. Chestnut Street
(at Michigan Avenue)
Chicago, Illinois 60611.2014
(Across from the Hancock)

For events in the Sanctuary,
enter from Michigan Avenue

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